Young Learners Program

Summer Boost

Create the perfect summer program for your child, one that also fits with your schedule!

After a turbulent school year, ensure your child is on track to achieving their educational goals with our fun summer offerings. Our program gives you the flexibility to arrange your child's lessons on the days and times that suit you best, on as many days of the week as you'd like!

We offer a wide range of courses, from maths and English, to coding projects and fun science experiments. Our flexible schedule allows you to mix and match different subjects to energise your child's summer.

Teen Learner

How It Works

We start with an Academic Checkup, a series of assessments that allow us to produce an educational profile of your child. We then discuss the results with you to create a unique summer program.

Lessons are held in a small group setting (1-3 students), with children working on their own individualised content. The focus of a lesson can be on one subject, or split between multiple subjects to suit your needs.

We have lessons for children of all ages, from those at the beginning of their learning journey (6 years old), all the way up to teenagers preparing for exams.

If you are interested in exam preparation, an Academic Checkup is not necessary and students can simply start working through our bootcamps.

Contact us today to learn more about our different programs and start preparing your child's summer schedule. Mention 'Playtimes' in the comment box below for a 10% discount on the assessment fee if you decide to enrol your child.

Energise your child's summer with Telos!

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