Early Maths

The Early Maths program provides young children with an opportunity to develop and reinforce basic mathematical concepts. Lessons are fun and individualised, catering to the specific learning needs of your child.

Establishing a strong mathematical foundation at a young age is vital in helping a child make sense of the world around them. Young children are implicitly perceptive when it comes to noticing patterns and similarities or differences between the objects they encounter on a daily basis. Maths helps children interpret these experiences and supports their decision making process when problem solving. This can emerge in activities such as deciding how to share, counting correctly during play, or comprehending time.

Very early maths is most commonly associated with the ability to count to ten. While this is an important skill, you want to ensure that a young child has a firm understanding of what each of those numbers represents, and hasn’t simply memorised a rhyme.

Our Early Maths program incorporates number bonds, fact families, and numeracy relating to everyday situations to ensure mathematical skills are being developed. A key feature of our program is that we relate important mathematical concepts to everyday life situations.

Lessons involve the use of manipulatives, such as blocks, play money, and numbers, which help children interpret maths problems. Manipulatives provide context to the understanding of maths questions, lifting them off the paper and giving children an opportunity to test and confirm their reasoning with objects. This helps strengthen a child’s understanding when answering maths questions on paper with numbers and symbols, establishing a strong foundation that is built upon as your child is introduced to more complex maths problems.

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