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Getting Started

Each child's learning journey is unique. The process for getting started with lessons at Telos depends on the individual needs of your child.

For a lot of our students, their journeys start with a Telos Assessment, our own unique blend of evaluation tools that we use to produce a comprehensive educational profile of each child. This detailed profile is uncovered through a combination of interactive, reflective, pencil-and-paper, and computer adaptive assessments. The assessments provide insight into a child's core academic competencies, their mindset, and their approach to learning. We then use this information to tailor-make individualised programs for our students designed to help them achieve their desired results.

For other students, their learning goals may revolve around preparing for specific external examinations or completing school homework. In these scenarios, students can enroll in lessons without needing to complete a Telos Assessment.

Starting Lessons
with a Telos Assessment

Typical Learner Profile:

- Students wanting lessons tailored to their specific learning needs

- Parents wanting a comprehensive academic profile of their child to help make informed decisions on their future learning

Starting Lessons
without a Telos Assessment

Typical Learner Profile:

- Teenage students preparing for external exams (e.g. IB, MYP, A-Level, IGCSE, SAT, PSAT)

- Students preparing for school entrance exams (e.g. ISEE, ISEB)

- Students solely wanting help with their school homework

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