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Schedule an Insight Assessment

Before starting your learning journey with Telos your child must first complete an Insight Assessment.

Insight Assessments allow us to gain a comprehensive understanding of your child through the identification of their core academic competencies, their mindset, and their approach to learning.

Having access to this information before the start of your child's lessons at Telos allows us to tailor-make a unique program to achieve the desired results, a program they are able to start from their first lesson.

The Insight Assessment takes approximately three hours to complete and is held over two or three sittings on different days. It consists of 10-12 assessments, with the exact prescription dependent upon your child's age and level of attainment.

To schedule an Insight Assessment, either complete the form below or contact us and mention you want to get started. Our team will take care of the rest.


Complete the Insight Assessment

All assessments are carried out at our 'Assessment & Administration Centre'. You can choose to wait in reception while your child completes the assessment, or drop them off and return to collect them once the session has finished.


Schedule an Insight Conference

After the assessment is complete, the last step before starting lessons is to schedule an Insight Conference. The Insight Conference provides an opportunity to discuss your child and present our findings from their assessment. Together we will use this information to define and commit to an appropriate path of learning for your child, developing a program for them to follow during their lessons at Telos.

During the conference we will also share strategies for how to support your child's continual development at home, establishing an important connection between two different learning environments.


Schedule Lessons

The information discussed during the Insight Conference will be used to create a permanent schedule for your child's lessons.

Throughout your child's time at Telos you will be kept informed of their progress, and the program will be continually adjusted to reflect their development and any agreed upon changes to desired goals.

Start your learning journey with Telos!

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