A-Level Tutor

GCE Advanced Level

The A-Level program is generally completed over two years, with successful completion providing students with qualifications to support their university entry applications.

To obtain an A-Level certificate, students must complete a range of coursework, assessments, and in some cases practical exams.

A-Level Lessons

Our specialist A-Level tutors are available to provide the support students need to feel confident in their ability to complete assignments and take exams.

During lessons, students work with an A-Level tutor on their own individualised content, targeting those specific areas in need of improvement or extension. These dedicated A-Level lessons ensure support is available to a student if they are feeling unsure on particular areas and need additional teaching to master a skill. Our A-Level tutors utilise a range of educational materials and past papers, while students can also bring in their own school work.

Our A-Level tutors are experts in:

  • A-Level Biology
  • A-Level Business
  • A-Level Chemistry
  • A-Level Economics
  • A-Level English
  • A-Level Geography
  • A-Level History
  • A-Level Maths
  • A-Level Philosophy
  • A-Level Physics
  • A-Level Psychology
  • A-Level Spanish

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