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Preliminary SAT

The PSAT is a standardised test taken by students as part of their preparations for sitting the SAT exam. It can be used to provide an indication of how a student is currently performing in the different areas, while also serving as valuable test-taking experience.

PSAT Lessons

Preparing for, and taking, the PSAT exam can be a daunting experience. For many students, the PSAT may be the first time they are externally assessed, which can present additional challenges during their preparations. Our specialist PSAT tutors are available to provide the support students need to feel confident in their ability to perform at their best.

During PSAT lessons, students work with a PSAT tutor on their own individualised content, targeting those specific areas in need of improvement or extension. These dedicated PSAT lessons ensure support is available to a student if they are feeling unsure on particular areas and need additional guidance and teaching to master a skill. PSAT lessons utilise a range of educational materials and practice papers, while students can also bring in their own content to work through.

Our PSAT tutors are experts in:

  • PSAT English (Reading, Writing, and Language)
  • PSAT Maths (Calculator and No-Calculator)

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