Learning how to code at a young age can set your child up for success. At its core, coding (or computer programming) is a creative process that is performed to tell a computer how to carry out a task. It is typically associated with the simple accumulation of technical "computer skills", but it is so much more than that!

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs described it best when he stated that coding "teaches you how to think".

While learning to code, students are strengthening their ability to problem solve. They are creating solutions by thinking logically and computationally, applying new techniques to overcome obstacles as they work towards achieving an end goal.

For young children, the most important factor while learning to code is that it is fun. Our introductory coding lessons for children as young as five use a range of engaging activities to deliver our curriculum. Students become so focused on the games and different animations they are controlling that they are blissfully unaware of the real learning taking place!

Progress is fast, and as students become more confident and comfortable with the main concepts we start to introduce different coding languages and tools (the same as those used by employees at Google and Amazon!). Some of our most advanced students are working on developing their own apps and games in their coding lessons, all while learning about neural networks and artificial intelligence.

Each student is in charge of their own path of learning and can choose where they want to focus their attention. Regardless of where their coding journey takes them, the skills developed along the way will leave a lasting impact on the way they approach learning in other subjects.

Enrol your child in coding lessons today to give them a head start in learning the skills of tomorrow!

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