English Reading

Reading is a core component of the ability to acquire knowledge, and is therefore a key determinant of a student’s ability to perform well at school. Academic progress is achieved through understanding, analysing, and applying information, to which reading plays an important role.

The act of “reading” is not simply confined to the reading of words. The key factor differentiating passive readers from active readers is the ability to comprehend what has been read. Reading comprehension refers to how well a child is able to understand a written passage, which is influenced by numerous factors encountered before, during, and after reading a specific piece of text.

Our English reading program focuses on developing effective readers. We cover 12 different comprehension skills, which become increasingly more challenging as the child progresses. Lessons incorporate different styles of text, fiction and nonfiction, as well as a range of subjects. This ensures children are comfortable applying new skills in unfamiliar scenarios, and are appropriately incorporating context to figure out the correct meaning.

Before starting lessons, we develop a comprehensive understanding of your child's current ability through our Insight Assessment. This allows us to tailor-make a unique program specially designed to target the skills most beneficial to making your child an effective reader, whether that is to further extend their reading ability or build stronger foundation skills.

Our native English tutors can also support your child with what they are currently working on at school.

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