At school, children are often introduced to science far later than English or maths. While it is necessary to establish a solid foundation through the development of English and maths skills, the importance of incorporating science into a young learner’s education should not be overlooked.

Studying science at a young age provides an opportunity for children to immerse themselves in their own curiosities, furnishing them with the tools they need to seek answers to the many questions they have. This valuable skill helps students become better learners, which will contribute to greater academic success across multiple subjects as they progress along their educational journey.

Our science tutors expose students to a wide range of concepts, ensuring they receive a well-rounded introduction to the scientific principles underpinning the world around them. While our science tutors can support the topics your child is currently working on at school, the focus of this program is to ensure students receive the individualised attention best suited to their current ability and future goals. We also offer workshops and labs that allow children to design and carry out their own experiments to reaffirm concepts they have been taught during lessons.

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