English Writing

The ability to write well is an important core skill in a child’s educational journey. Writing is a necessity in most school subjects and forms the basis upon which a student’s learning and intellect will be evaluated.

Our English writing program equips students with knowledge and techniques that will help them become more effective communicators, providing immense benefit as they progress through their schooling. We design a unique program for your child, focusing on the specific areas in need of reinforcement or extension.

Depending on your child’s current operating level, we start by incorporating a variety of tools focusing on understanding the rules of punctuation and capitalisation. The lessons progress to learning about the structure of sentences and the use of adjectives, aiding the student in the ability to expand upon initial ideas to ensure more detail is incorporated within their writing.

Initially students write a one paragraph essay with the use of transitions words, before progressing on to writing a guided three paragraph essay that will later transition to using a structured writing process in the extended writing program.

English writing lessons cover several components such as spelling, word analysis, phonics, grammar, mechanics, vocabulary building exercises, and writing tools and techniques. The students are also given several opportunities to edit small units of text, which provides them with helpful tools for when they edit their own work.

Before starting English writing lessons we gather a comprehensive understanding of your child's ability through our Insight Assessment. This allows our writing tutors to tailor-make a unique program specially designed to target the skills most beneficial for the development of your child's writing ability.

Our native English tutors can also support your child with what they are currently working on at school.

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