Derived from the Ancient Greek word for ‘ultimate purpose’, 'telos' was used by Aristotle, one of history's most well known teachers, to refer to the ‘true potential’ of all living things.

At Telos Education we strive to help students develop a mindset and character that will support their journey towards fulfilling their telos.

The Telos Way



An open dialogue facilitates alignment and effective sharing of knowledge and strategies.



Our tailored approach to teaching boosts confidence and contributes to the development of soft skills. 



We develop personalised plans for each child to target desired skills.



Regular assessments and reports communicate progression and support the adjustment of learning paths.

A core pillar of our educational philosophy is the empowerment of our students.

We specialise in helping children of all ages master desired skills, targeting the specific areas each student needs to thrive, while working with them to shape their approach to learning.

Our team of tutors is comprised of university graduates with a passion for child development. Each tutor is carefully selected to contribute their unique personality traits and specific skill sets to the diverse selection of tutors available to your child.

We advocate for children to take control over their own learning and not become dependent upon one specific individual or teaching style. By involving numerous tutors on a child's learning journey, we expose each student to different styles of instruction, fostering their ability to effectively extract and apply knowledge from different sources to help better prepare them for future learning.

Regular  training sessions ensure our team remains committed to continual professional development, and are able to apply the tools and techniques best suited to helping your child achieve their telos.

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