Early Reading

The Early Reading program provides young children with an opportunity to develop and reinforce basic reading concepts. The ability to read and understand written text is a key component of literacy development, which plays an influential role in a child’s ability to become an effective learner and be successful in school.

Early Reading lessons are fun and individualised, catering to the specific learning needs of your child. The program focuses on developing skills in phonics, letter formation, vocabulary, and comprehension.

In the comprehension component, we start by analysing text in simple sentence stories, generally through aural reading, which involves the tutor reading a story out loud and discussing the different components with the student. The tutor will make use of strategies such as key word recollection and picture analysis to stimulate discussions. This then progresses to paired reading, where your child and the tutor read simultaneously, or with occasional guidance, before ultimately arriving at a situation in which the student is able to read independently.

As your child becomes more confident in their ability to read, you will notice a shift as they progress from learning to read, to reading to learn. This is an important and rewarding milestone in their educational development as it allows them to make use of their newly acquired skills to further explore their natural inquisitiveness. After completing the Early Reading program, students can continue to develop their skills in our Reading program.

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